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Faith and Our Political Influence

Christians have a responsibility to put men or women of the Bible in office. That’s not just my words; that’s a statement backed by the Bible and many of our founding fathers including John Jay, our first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He once said:

“Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”

The Judeo-Christian ethic our nation was founded upon is the only thing that has made our democracy work and kept it from being corrupted for as long as it has been.  As John Jay and many other founding fathers knew, the only way to ensure America’s success continues is to be certain we have a government that respects that principle and develops laws accordingly. Read More…

God’s Dream for America

God had a dream. He wanted to produce a nation that would become the springboard for bringing 85–90% of the Gospel into the rest of the world. Because of that dream, He launched America as no other nation in history on the precept of His Word. He built a nation that guaranteed the rights and freedom of its citizens to pursue their own choices in life. America became a beacon of hope in a dark world.

Now such as never before in the history of this nation, I believe all of the things we hold dear as Americans are in jeopardy. What we do in this next election cycle is going to determine whether God’s dream for America is truly realized.

A study done back in the 1970s demonstrated approximately 60% of the source material for America’s founding documents came directly from the Word of God. If you include indirect references (input from other people that was sourced from the Bible), the number can be bumped to around 80%. Read More…

Can My Convictions Be Different Than Others? Q&A with Pastor Mac Hammond

Pastor Mac Hammond Q&A. Does it say somewhere in the Bible that people can righteously judge? Also is there just one conviction? I feel like my conviction is way different that someone else’s.

My Leaders Are Bad at Communicating. What Should I Do? – Q&A With Pastor Mac Hammond

I recently started helping out at a small start-up organization, and I’ve discovered that the main leaders are very bad at communicating their expectations with their team members. Should I let them know how frustrated I am or should I ignore it?