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Mac Hammond Recounts ‘Surreal’ Israel Experience During Hamas Skirmish


When my wife, Lynne, and I decided to take 28 pastors on their first tour of Israel, we did so believing that the experience would not only deepen their understanding of their spiritual heritage, but also strengthen their commitment to Israel’s welfare as a nation.

We did not realize, however, the degree to which our love and support of the Jewish people would escalate by a shared experience of the violence they face on a regular basis.

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Pastor Mac and Lynne Hammond’s Recent Trip to Israel

On November 12-19, 2012, Pastors Mac and Lynne Hammond and Dr. Billye Brim led a tour of around 30 pastors who have never been to Israel to tour the land where Jesus walked.

The timing proved to be interesting as Billye explains in her blog on November 12:

…Things have “heated up” in the South and in the North. Over a hundred missiles launched from Gaza on purpose. And two evidently errant missiles from the Syrian Civil War have landed on the Golan….

Despite the news, the trip continued as planned. Each of those attending knew the safest place to be was where God wanted them to be. Read More…

The Anatomy of an Organization – Winner’s Minute With Mac Hammond

Your workplace is filled with many different types of employees. Which one are you?

The Winner’s Minute is hosted by Mac Hammond, the senior pastor of Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, MN.

The Dreaded Necessity – Winner’s Minute With Mac Hammond

Nobody likes the idea of putting a limit on what they spend, but a budget is more than word everybody dreads. It’s a plan that will help you keep a key principle of financial management: don’t spend more than you make. Your finances will be better off when you make a budget – and then follow it. Read More…

The Trap of Manipulation – Winner’s Minute With Mac Hammond

Sometimes the way we talk or the words we choose in our conversation come across manipulative. As a result, the people listening to us become defensive, and they will not hear what we want to tell them. We need to be careful to keep manipulation out of our conversation so we can win in our communication with other people. Read More…

Become a Likeable Leader – Winner’s Minute With Mac Hammond

“Just do it, because I’m the boss.” Have you ever heard – or said – that phrase? Being a leader is more than just being the boss. If you truly want to influence the people around you, you need to become a leader people want to follow. Read More…