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12 Days of Downloads: Resurrection Power – Lynne Hammond


Set yourself up for victory.

When Mary and Martha sent a message to Jesus about how sick their brother Lazarus was, they expected an answer. What they didn’t expect was that Jesus would wait two days before coming to see them. Mary and Martha felt set up for failure.

Each of us have felt the same way Mary and Martha did. We’ve felt set up for failure at some point in our lives. But the reality is that our times of failure are the very moments where God sets us up for a glorious victory. Find out more in this two message series by Lynne Hammond.

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12 Days of Downloads: Passion, Purpose, & Cause – Mac Hammond


Are you an effective leader?

Cultivating a burning sense of purpose is a vital part of effective leadership. If you’re not passionate about the purpose you are pursuing, the people under you will have a difficult time following your lead. Find out more in this message by Mac Hammond.

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12 Days of Downloads: Following the Fire – Mac Hammond


What do you want to do with your life?

You don’t need a pilot to write it in the sky for you or an angel to come and write it on the wall. God wants you to know His plan for your life. As you diligently pursue God, He’ll direct your passions to be in line with what He wants for your life.

Find out today how God leads you by the desires of your heart!

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The Best Way to Give Gifts – Winner’s Minute With Mac Hammond

Have you ever given gifts with yourself in mind? Even when gifts are given out of a good heart, they can be taken the wrong way if you don’t first think about what the other person wants, not what you want them to have. Read More…