Same-Sex Marriage in Minnesota


Without action same-sex marriage will impact all of us. Below is a list of resources to educate yourselves and take action during this critical time for our state.

Bills are now before our state legislature to legalize same-sex marriage and make illegal any voiced opinion opposing it. You may not think these bills will affect you, your family, or your business. To the contrary, like no other law in our state’s history, if these bills pass, there will be a devastating impact on our culture, our churches, our personal and parental rights, our public and private educational systems, our professions, and even what we tweet and post on Facebook.  No Minnesotan will escape the consequences of this bill on his/her family or business. The response of every individual receiving this communication is urgent and critical.

Contact your MN Senator and MN House representative now (find your MN Reps by zip code).

To understand the far reaching impact this bill will have in Minnesota, we need only look at its impact in the US and other countries where same-sex marriage has been legalized to see the systematic silencing and punishment of those who believe marriage is unique to one man and one woman.

Religious convictions do not protect Christians against government sanctions and civil judgments.

  • Courts say religious freedom must yield to greater public value of homosexual rights. Read More, and More.
  • Christian facilities can’t ban same-sex union ceremonies on their property, Read More, or could lose their tax-exempt status for doing so, Read More, and public officials can’t refuse to perform same-sex marriages. Read More, and More.
  • Longstanding Christian adoption and foster care agencies like Catholic Charities are required to place kids in same-sex homes or close doors, Read More, and More, and More, and More, and Christians are potentially “unfit” to adopt or foster children due to views on same-sex marriage. Read More.

Businesses and Professionals have been sued, fined, and lost licenses for opposing same-sex marriage.

  • Therapy grad student expelled for refusing “marriage therapy” to same-sex couples, Read More, and fertility doctors can’t refuse artificial insemination to lesbians. Read More.
  • Privately owned inns, B&B’s and farms are fined for not hosting same-sex ceremonies/receptions. Read More, and More, and More, and photographers can’t refuse to photograph same-sex marriages. Read More.
  • Mayors of Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and Pittsburgh have said businesses opposed to same-sex marriage are not welcome in their cities and may be blocked. Read More.

Employees are fired, demoted, and docked pay for sharing their beliefs in their personal time.

  • Employees can be fired or demoted for tweeting or posting on Facebook opposition to gay marriage on their own time and on their own computers. Read more, and More, and More,
  • Employees’ use of term “natural family” is harassment based on sexual orientation. Read More.

Parents have no right to protect their children in school.

  • Parents have no right to notice of when pro-homosexual instruction takes place, Read More, and cannot opt kids out of pro-homosexual curriculum, Read More, and More.
  • Children four years and up have mandatory training in homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender people. Read More, and More, and More, and More.
  • Kindergartners are encouraged to sign cards pledging to ally with gays, Read More, first graders take school field trip to teacher’s same-sex wedding, Read More, and students can’t make speeches opposing same-sex marriage in speech classes. Read More.

MN “Supportive School” bill (coming alongside gay marriage bill) applies to public AND PRIVATE schools.

  • Public AND PRIVATE schools must have “diversity” training on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Discrimination can include hurting a student’s feelings relating to sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Taxpayer funded “School Climate Center” will police schools’ compliance, including private schools.
  • Lawmakers refusing to send bill to finance committee to determine costs of programs to Minnesotans.
  • This bill makes illegal any school policy, speech or activity deemed “non-supportive” of students’ “sexual orientation, or gender identity and expression” (See especially Sec. 3, Subd. 3 of the bill).

These bills will make those who believe marriage is between a man and woman the legal equivalent of bigots, and any “different” treatment of these “marriages” will be treated like racial discrimination. In other words, when government treats gay unions the same as marriage, those who do not will be punished. Terms like “equality” and “diversity” will be code for marginalizing Christian beliefs. These bills will not just confer “marriage” rights to a small number of Minnesotans, they will strip the rights of the majority of Minnesotans in exchange.

Passing the same-sex marriage bill will shift the focus of marriage from the needs of children to the desires of adults. It will erase the value of the distinct roles of father and mother (Read More), against the strong advise of medical and child development professionals (Read More, and More, and More), and even those who have been raised by same-sex parents (Read More).

Every major poll since the November election shows the majority of Minnesotans do not want gay marriage, but the decision is now in the hands of the legislatures. Legislatures have said they are not hearing from constituents opposing gay marriage and the Supportive School bill. Instead, they are being bombarded with high powered gay lobbying. YOUR VOICE MATTERS!

Contact your MN Senator and MN House representatives now and tell them you strongly oppose both the same-sex marriage bill and the Supportive School bill (find your MN Reps by zip code). Remind them they were voted into office to represent their constituents, the majority of whom do not want gay marriage. Call and email them every week if you can (office visits are most effective). A call takes less than a minute.


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About Mac Hammond

Mac Hammond is senior pastor of Living Word Christian Center, a nondenominational church located in Brooklyn Park (a suburb of Minneapolis), Minnesota. Pastor Hammond also hosts the Winner's Minute and the Winner's Way television broadcasts and has authored several internationally distributed books . Mac Hammond is broadly acclaimed for his ability to apply the principles of the Bible to practical situations and the challenges of daily living. Mac Hammond graduated from Virginia Military Institute in 1965 with a Bachelor's degree in English. Upon graduation, he entered the Air Force with a regular officer's commission and reported for pilot training at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia. Mac received his wings in November 1966, and subsequently served two tours of duty in Southeast Asia, accumulating 198 combat missions. He was honorably discharged in 1970 with the rank of Captain. Between 1970 and 1980, Mac was involved in varying capacities in the general aviation industry including ownership of a successful air cargo business serving the Midwestern United States. A business acquisition brought Mac and his wife Lynne Hammond to Minneapolis where they ultimately founded Living Word Christian Center in 1980.

78 responses to “Same-Sex Marriage in Minnesota”

  1. Neil SIng says :

    I have already contact my legislators on this topic but I thank you for the reminder. This is indeed very important.

  2. David and Valerie Yanez says :

    Thank you Mac! I have emailed all representatives in our zip code (5) of Shorewood, MN 55331. Something needs to be done! this is horrendous and unacceptable! Praise God!


    David, Valerie, and Elle Yanez

  3. Jamie Sargent says :

    Thank you for your stand on this and the actual links to learn more and links to follow through with an action. Done.

  4. Nancy and Mark Bingham says :

    Praise God for taking a stance on this important topic will others are shying away from.

  5. Steve Cole says :

    Thanks very much for the info Pastor Mac, you have reminded and challenged the Christian community to arise . we are going to call our district senators and represenratives one by one and make hear our desire and plead. the battle is on , we are already aware of who will win. God has never been defeated. He is the Man of war. His covenant can not be broken. Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered. “WE SAY NO TO SAME SEX MARRIAGE IN MINNESOTA” Steve Cole

  6. Darlene says :

    Oh, My Goodness. It is so much worse than I thought it was.

  7. Kathy Alberts says :

    I have contacted my representatives and one said she was sorry but would be supporting same sex marriage. A group went to the capitol last week and it looks like this “same sex” marriage will pass in Minnesota. I think tomorrow is the vote. Pray and make a noise!

  8. Dave McCoy says :

    Thank you Pastor Mac for this call to action. I have sent the following message to my representatives. Anyone who wants to copy it for their use is certainly welcome to.

    Dear Rep. ———–

    I am writing to let you know of my strong opposition to the imposition of homosexual marriage in our state.

    I’m sure you’re aware of the recent Minnesota Poll which showed clearly that the majority of Minnesotans do not want this in our state. I quote the StarTribune of March 6:

    “Fifty-three percent of Minnesotans say the state statute banning same-sex unions should stand. Only 38 percent say legislators should overturn the law this year, while 9 percent are undecided.”

    When only 38% of the populace believes current law should be overturned, I feel it is reprehensible the a very vocal minority should attempt to impose its values on the entire state.

    I urge you to vote against this bill and I will be interested in knowing your stance on this issue.


    Mr. and Mrs. David McCoy

    • Bonnie Mosley says :

      Thank you for this letter and your permission to reproduce it. I have sent it to all of my representatives, with my contact information.

  9. Shirley Tuttle says :

    I will send a email to my legislators to inform them that this can’t be passed it is morally wrong and not acceptable. Thank you for reminder, I will pray for our leaders and Call on our Lord for his mighty hand.

  10. David says :

    This is a fine list of disinformation. You are aware of the so-called “conscience” clause in all marriage equality legislation that protects clergy and churches who do object to same-sex marriage from being sued, jailed, or otherwise forced to act against their beliefs? Even though churches enjoy federal funding and tax-exemption, and other non-profits are not allowed to discriminate, the authors of this bill have bent over backwards to make sure that Christians who oppose marriage equality won’t be penalized for expressing their beliefs.

    And why would anyone want to celebrate one of the happiest days of their lives in a place that doesn’t welcome them? There are plenty of other houses of worship that are excited about being able to finally participate in legally marrying same-sex couples. If anything, this will be bad for the business of churches that oppose marriage equality as more and more Americans believe that same-sex couples are deserving of equal treatment under the Constitution.

    If there were an all-powerful, all-knowing god (which I do not see any evidence to support the belief that there is one), that deity would likely be less concerned with what genitalia goes where or what people do in their private bedrooms than with how people treat each other.

    • Neil SIng says :

      Your third paragraph says it all.. Have you heard of Sodom and Gomorrah?

      • bhonnigford says :

        So he is wrong because the bible says so – and we know the bible is true because it says so.

        I don’t judge people based on stories from a poorly written book of mythology. It is far better to use one’s brain and common sense to know whether other people’s behavior is harmful to the community as a whole.
        Reading the bible will only confuse you and temp you into using as a crutch for harming others.

      • Jeff O. says :

        Sodom and Gomorrah WERE NOT destroyed because their culture accepted homosexuality — if you’d bother to read Genesis, they were destroyed because they PRACTICED GANG RAPE to demonstrate their dominance over visitors. And may God be more merciful to you than he was to them.

    • Bonnie Mosley says :

      What, may I ask, is your interest in this website, if you don’t even believe in God? You have the right to believe what you wish, but so do we. I pray for ALL people who refuse to believe what’s right in front of them; all of creation testifies to the existence and sovereignty of God. For all of the screaming about rights coming from the homosexual community and its supporters, what happened to my rights as a parent for my children to participate in or not participate in curriculum that teaches anything about homosexuality? Or my right not to believe in same-sex marriage? And if we are the bigots and hateful people, why is it that anyone who does not support to ascribe to your beliefs is called names? I’ve never used derogatory names regarding homosexuals and I never will but I also choose not to support same-sex marriage. I wish that people would read the Bible for themselves and stop judging God based on the actions of humans. If you understood how sacred the human body is to the One who created it, and how sacred marriage is to the same God who created it, I think you woukd understand why He does care what genitalia goes where. We’re not perfect and my sins are no better or less sinful than homosexuality. But I recognize that I am a sinner and need the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. I sincerely pray that everyone who is not a believer will also realize the same. God bless you.

      • bhonnigford says :

        Thanks Jeff, that’s real christian of you. Frankly, I was made to read the bible much of my childhood, and I don’t give crap about what it may say or may not say. You can’t threaten me with god or hell or anything like that because I don’t believe in it. After all, It was your god that made me this way, right?
        Bonnie, we are interested in this blog because it appeared on our news alerts for same sex marriage and we are appalled at what Mr Hammond is advocating. Don’t ever complain to an atheist about the right not to believe. We have been shunned, burned at the stake, barred from public office, made to carry your god in our wallets and our children have been forced to pledge allegiance to the same and savagely bullied in the playgrounds and summer camps for generations. Anyone who is cruel to another based on superstition and mumbo jumbo is a bigot – that’s where the name calling comes from. Bonnie, I urge you to put down the bible and go to a hair salon and get to know some gay people – you may quickly learn basic humanity is stronger than this all this unfortunate dogma you have been shackled to all these years. This is what makes a lot of formerly bigoted people change their minds. I did – now it’s your turn. May you not get cancer.

  11. Ken says :

    Christian facilities cannot ban same-sex union ceremonies on their property – Yes, Christians cannot discriminate against women, blacks, and now gay couples. Hurrah for equality. If you’re providing restaurant or lodging facilities to the public, you don’t get to discriminate – that’s common decency. And bigotry (even when it’s based on your reading of your sacred text) is not allowed.

    • Neil SIng says :

      Christian facilities can ban same sex marriages. They follow man’s law until it is contrary to God’s law.

      • bhonnigford says :

        It was man that invented God. So they are the same laws.

      • Ken says :

        “Christian facilities” that provide services to the public cannot discriminate. You’re not living in Saudi Arabia or Iraq. Of course, we allow “churches” to discriminate – many currently discriminate against women and gays. But if you intend to provided rental services to the public, you don’t get to choose who you serve. We’re not going back to the civil rights fights of the 60s… no matter how you interpret your version of your divine authority.

    • Laura says :

      Ken – are you saying that homosexuals should have a right to marry whoever and wherever they want because that is what they believe, but people who disagree with their decision based on their beliefs do not have the right to disagree?

      • bhonnigford says :

        This is common response I hear from Dominionist Christians – they automatically interpret our secular laws as an attack on their religion if they don’t allow then to impose their beliefs on others in society. In this case, from a non-believers perspective, you are asking for the right to continue to persecute a class of people based on story book professed by men who wear in goofy dresses and hats. Yet we know from our experience that gay people are deserving of respect and all civil privileges because they are human beings who are of no harm to anyone. It is sad that many who call themselves Christian choose to invest so much energy into this divisive and mean-spirited endeavor instead of so much more that needs to be done in our world. Stop.Take a breath, and spread love and goodness where it is truly needed. There are homeless people and animals, children in prostitution, etc… It is time to put an end to the hate and the needless suffering of gay people in this country.

      • Ken says :

        No one is proposing marrying “whoever and where ever” of course… a consenting, adult like everyone else. And you have the right to believe whatever your book tells you to believe, but you do not have the right to pass laws that discriminate based simply on your religious belief.

    • Bonnie Mosley says :

      Ken, churches are private non-profit entities. They are not “public services” as you are describing, so they can choose whom they will and will not serve. I don’t know what misinformation you and others in this post have received that churches get federal funding; that would be mixing church and state. Now, if a church provides a public service, for instance, they operate a daycare or retirement home for which they receive federal housing grants, then they cannot discriminate against who, they will give housing to or provide daycare services to. However, those are two separate entities. They are not receiving federal funding for the church but for housing. Why would anyone want to get married in a church that they feel does not want them? Please understand, many churches want to spread the love of Christ to everyone-gay, straight or otherwise. That does not mean that the church has to support what God says is sin, whether it’s homosexuality, adultery or fornication. A church is no more required to participate or host a same-sex union than it is to participate in a wedding for someone who is already married, which is what God calls adultery (please keep in mind that bigamy is not illegal in every state).

      • bhonnigford says :

        Bonnie, we totally get that Christians want to spread the “Love of Christ”. What this means to us is that you want them to conform to your arbitrary and rigid set of rules and that leaves gay people nowhere to go but to continue to be treated poorly in your version of society. I for one cannot stand by and watch the self righteous bully others they don’t like. Your way offers them nothing yet you insist on clinging to an archaic conviction that vilifies them despite obvious clues around you that it isn’t so. Christians have huge support in this country so why are you so worried about being being persecuted? Try being a minority for a while before you complain about persecution because to you, and others like you, I think that means being criticized for persecuting others.

      • Ken says :

        Yes, agreed. And making marriage legal for gays does not affect your church. Your church can continue to discriminate against gays or women as you choose. But religious people cannot spread this sort of discrimination outside church walls, such as Christian-owned convention facility.

  12. ofgodchild says :

    amen! God did not make Adam and Steve! 1 man and 1 woman in a marriage.

    • Ken says :

      To the contrary, if your god makes everything, then it made Adam and Steve. Your god also makes plenty of people with physical parts of both males and females – that’s just the way your god makes people. If you deny your god’s creation, I suppose that is your choosing. But if you deny equal rights of your god’s creation, well… that’s the public’s business.

    • Do not pass this it is the path of corruption. Read your Bible. God will Judge! says :

      A Nation that goes up against God and his word, the bible tells us about this; The Land will be cursed. If this State stands for this, You will judged not by me but by God.

      • bhonnigford says :

        Separation of State and Church has been one of the strongest assets of this country – we are now the most powerful country in the world and life here is pretty good. So when exactly is all this “smiting” supposed to happen?

  13. Beverly says :

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, Pastor Mac, for taking the time to post and elaborate on this subject. It is our responsibility now, to follow up and take action to do our best to prevent this from happening, and remember to pray.

  14. Trin says :

    Dear Pastor Mac,
    Just wanted you to know although I do not live in your state I have forwarded this onto my daughters Mother In law as she and her husband run a very large Christian school in Michigan….One of the greatest things we can do is pray and take the Authority in Jesus name over this spirit of lawlessness…..Remembering that Winning the lost is wise.God bless you for all you do for the Kingdom of God.

  15. inritool says :

    America was founded on Christian principles. Most of our founding documents are based on or direct excerpts from the bible. The freedom for your right to choose who to love, the liberty you exercise when you purchase something with the money in your wallet that has God’s name on it, the very reason you can have the freedom of speech to voice your stance, pro or anti same sex marriage, pro or anti God, Pro or anti gun, Pro or Anti whatever – is because the people that founded this country believed that God loved you enough to allow you to make a choice.

    Less than 1% of all couples in America are same sex couples. 5% claim to be Atheists. Great – I’m glad your here enjoying the freedom that GOD provided for you here in America. If you have a problem with the money and the reminder to trust in God, not the piece of paper or coin in your pocket – go to another country who doesn’t have His name on the currency. If you have a issues with the laws established in this nation that serve and protect all of us, giving you your right to choose your own destiny – you have the option to leave. 95% percent of us will miss you, but understand your decision. Perhaps you should visit a Middle Eastern country and tout your belief that there is no God…not only would you not be heard, or your opinion considered, it wold be a miracle if you made it home.

    Love is love. You have the right to love whoever and however you want as long as you don’t infringe on anyone else – Love is not marriage.

    • bhonnigford says :

      I hate to break the news to you, but its very difficult to get even 50% of the people in this country to agree on anything. If this so-called Christian majority has such a unified message then why is this archaic protocol gradually losing influence in our society and, if you haven;’t noticed by now, those espousing it becoming seen increasingly as extremist and lunatic. Your definition of freedom includes the right to bully and oppress those who don’t obey and profess your superstitious ideology. I seriously doubt that the deist founders of this country had that in mind when penning the bill of rights. Despite your personal opinion about marriage, like many other things in this great secular country of ours, Marriage in the United States is likely to change contrary to your approval. As for the the deity on our money which was put there during the ruthless McCarthy era, a magic marker does wonders for now until the day that changes to your disliking as well. We, the majority non-fundamentalists are not going anywhere and we shall continue to whittle away at bigotry and twisted notions of freedom rooted in this country.

      • inritool says :

        My definition of freedom does not include the right to bully. Far from it. If anyone’s freedom is causing hurt on another, that is really not freedom at all. That’s why laws are in place – to protect people from abusing the freedom they have been given. View Mac’s video post about the right to choose – he says the same thing.

        You may want to check your stats on you being the “majority non-fundamentalists group”. You are very vocal – that’s for sure, but not the majority. And I agree, you and other non-fundamentals will continue to voice your opinion and desire for change…I have no doubts. And you have the right to do so. But to say your fighting against “bigotry and twisted notions of freedom” is very narrow minded and honestly, quite the slam on all other cultures and civilizations since the beginning of time.

        Marriage between a man and woman, the kind of unity that allows the reproduction and sustaining of human life itself has been a protected part of every strong civilization in history. So what your saying is every successful country and kingdom since the beginning of time has been founded on and based in bigotry and we are just realizing it now. AND – if we just allow same sex marriages, then we’ll be the exception to that rule, and progress beyond the confines of bigotry into an accepting and peace filled future…all in the name of love.

        Seems a little shallow to me. Perhaps that marker smell from all of that currency editing is getting to you.

      • bhonnigford says :

        I’m sorry to say that your straw men don’t scare very many crows.

    • Ken says :

      If America was founded on Christian principles then I doubt we would allow work on the Christian holy day, women to have authority over men, or races to intermarry. And we would likely be discriminating based on religion (which we unfortunately do where we can). And we would have blasphemy laws.

      • inritool says :

        @ken Have you gone to the on a bank Sunday, received a letter on the Christian Holy Day….or on Christmas or try to mail a letter on Easter? Our Government has provided the freedom for businesses to work and be open and operate, with in the confines of the law, how they deem most profitable, but they acknowledge the two most recognizable Christian holidays and the Holy Day. Funny – They seem to work regular hours on the “National Day of Reason” or world atheist day.

      • Ken says :

        I tried to mail a letter on President’s Day and I couldn’t… so I suppose that makes Lincoln a god? And soon the Post Office won’t work Saturdays… which makes that a holy day, too? And our library and the bank close at noon on Saturday. Oh, but Saturday is called Sabbath, so maybe that was meant to be the holy day all along?

        So are you saying that since banks are allowed to close on certain days that gays ought to legislated on who they can marry? For show me in the Constitution where Jesus, Lord, God, Christianity, or the Bible is referenced, and I’ll see what it says about holy day observance.

        Fortunately having businesses closed on this day or that day is not discrimination. You might tithe on a Sunday, and someone else might sleep in. That is not quite on par with the Biblical law to stone someone working on a Sunday. Nor denying women the vote. Nor denying the interracial couple to marry. Nor denying if a gay can marry the one they love. This is the best you’ve got… when the Post Office is open?

      • bhonnigford says :

        Don’t forget, Ken that all those stoning laws and such were in the OLD testament which Jesus rescinded….except for all the stuff one about gays I guess.

    • Amy says :

      Very well said!

  16. inritool says :

    Why would I debate scriptures you’ve taken out of context from a book you don’t believe about a God you don’t acknowledge over a blog? I’m sure you didn’t comment, reply and post on this site to get into a theological debate about religion or for me or any other person to detail the context of Levitical law vs. Jewish Law from 2000 years ago. I was just making the observation that – whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, our Christian country and its government honors days associated with it’s heritage – both faith based and politically based.

    Have you read the constitution? Please – please tell me your not debating what’s right or wrong for our nation and what laws should or should not be passed with out reading our founding documents and understanding the basis of who wrote them, why they wrote them, and on what foundation were they based.

    You’re right, the operation hours of the post office don’t determine what new laws should be put in place – but since you said our country didn’t acknowledge its Christian Heritage, I thought you could use a reminder about what our government does and how it operates today instead of debate 2000+ year old law from a culture you don’t know written in a book you don’t believe.

    If you’d like to talk through Jewish law, the life of Jesus and what his life accomplished on the earth, I’d be happy to. 🙂 But I’m guessing your too busy watching your google alerts for same sex marriage posts.

    • Ken says :

      It’s a difficult position for you to defend that the Bible is being taken out of context when you are unable to define any criteria for determining what in the Bible is out of context. Are homosexual laws out of context? How about slavery?

      You cannot explain why so many Christians unanimously considered slavery approved by the almighty. If you think you’re a better Christian than them, then you’d have to explain what enlightened you. I am curious what that might be. Your not arguing with me, your arguing with past Christians and current Christians who use hind-sight, not ethical criteria, to separate the wheat from the chaff.

      For your consideration, hundreds of Texas Christian leaders signed a declaration of war that contained these words:

      “In all the non-slave-holding States… the people have formed themselves into a great sectional party… proclaiming the debasing doctrine of the equality of all men, irrespective of race or color–a doctrine at war with nature, in opposition to the experience of mankind, and in violation of the plainest revelations of the Divine Law.”

      “That in this free government all white men are and of right ought to be entitled to equal civil and political rights; that the servitude of the African race, as existing in these States, is mutually beneficial to both bond and free, and is abundantly authorized and justified by the experience of mankind, and the revealed will of the Almighty Creator, as recognized by all Christian nations”

      So what criteria does the religiously motivated use to prevent from again making the same ethical mistakes?

      • inritool says :

        So – correct me if I’m wrong, but if I’m reading between the lines correctly you don’t read the bible and have not read the constitution of the country of which you live in, but some how feel knowledgable enough to ignore one and credible enough to change the other…and somehow ignore the context and history of both. That makes total sense.

        Allow me to formally apologize to you and everyone else for the mistakes of imperfect men trying to interrupt a perfect God. Many lives have been lost and wars started over misdirected passion.

        Groups of people will use any platform they deem necessary to try to evoke the changes they desire…. from Texas Christians in the mid 1800’s to the crusades and – yes, even TV preachers that have taken money from manipulated people over the past decades. Is God accountable for their mistakes? No…it falls on them.

        One thing our founding fathers considered as they birthed this natation was how the laws they wrote and authority they implemented would effect the generations that would succeed them. They were able to measure these decisions through the ultimate filter – if they had the ability to form a new nation “UNDER GOD” – what would be the parameters to make that nation successful….the most successful of its time and for times to come.

        If you – or those that share your beliefs – had that same ability…that same opportunity to form a new nation and implement laws and authority to shape the future of that nation…it really wouldn’t matter, would it? Your nation would be extinct in less than 80 years because you lack the one thing necessary to carry your nation forward – the ability to create life.

        You can try to explain why a whopping “oppressed” 1% of couples in America must be allowed to marry…you can try to justify it through a lens of love an acceptance…but at the very root of this issue is life. Traditional marriage is good for the success of a strong and healthy country and civilization…same sex “marriage” is not, will not, can not be.

        Its not good for health care – its not good for children – its not good for schools teaching sex ed – its not good on any other level other than making 1% of couples stop squeaking the wheel.

        If we were making laws based on percent of people effective, this issue would NEVER be addressed…EVER. From an investment standpoint, its ridiculous. Thats less than the number of people in prison in America. Has anyone ever made an investment and been happy with a one percent return? Nope – would never happen. The idea that the supreme court even has to address this is ridiculous.

  17. Laura says :

    It’s interesting all these comments stem from a pastor asking people who believe what he believes to act on their beliefs and talk to their government officials. That is our legal right, and something everyone can do in America.

    Plenty of people protest and make their opinion known in small and big ways. We live in America and we have a right to believe what we want… or will you discriminate against our beliefs because they differ from yours? No argument you have will change my beliefs and I will speak up for what I believe… and I have a feeling that most of those who disagree with me will say the same thing.

    • bhonnigford says :

      Yes isn’t it nice that we can all believe what we or want or not and vote accordingly, but rest assured that when a majority denies a smaller group their right to the pursuit of happiness, it becomes a civil rights matter and “freedom” takes on new meaning. It is never acceptable for one group to vote away the natural rights of the other. I don’t care about what your bible says, I don’t care if you think gay people are evil doers. I don’t care if your ghosts bless me or don’t bless me. I do know that your bias is hurting others and your excuses for doing so are without merit. The best way to prevent folks like us from confronting you is to STOP VILIFYING GAY PEOPLE AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! .

      • Kdub says :

        So, just to clarify. You saw a google alert about same sex marriage and decided to post on a Christian pastors blog your obvious dislike for his opinion and the others that share it. The idea of a group of these people that share a common opinion that happens to be counter to to yours obviously frustrates you judging by your all caps and exclamation point… But you’d like “us” to mind on own business…. If that’s not bigoted and hypocritical, I don’t know what is.

        Out of curiosity, are you even from the state of Mn?

        Who said gay people were evil? Are people that speed evil? Are minors that drink alcohol or smoke evil? Are jay walkers and carpool lane violates evil? Yet they are laws against these things to discourage them from making a choice that would have negative consequences on the majority of people. Sorry @bhonnigford, no stat anywhere – ever says your in the majority. Your just reallly loud. Kudos to you, but keep your facts and opinions separate.

      • bhonnigford says :

        Yea, I figured you might go there. Quite predictable. What’s sad is how you
        pretend that all this is some sort of friendly debate and pretend to love the sinner and hate his behavior all the while stabbing them in the back and spreading disinformation and hysteria. This is your idea of fairness. One thing we Atheists know quite well is that you Christians really hate to be criticized because you only have a ragged story book to fall back on and when that doesn’t work, you offer distractions, and barring that bald faced lies – trying to intimidate me with your idea of facts is absurd. You don’t know the meaning of bigoted or hypocritical because it is the cloth you wear and not how others treat you. So cleaver of you to “look me up” – really sneaky. Hey, I’ll make it easy for you – my name is Bruce Honnigford, I live in Minnetonka MN and I am an Atheist. I’d ask for your phone number, however, I don’t care who you are. I wonder what you are going to do when gay marriage becomes law, here in MN and the rest of the country in the next decade.

        “Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me.” Feel free to look that one up in your book of fairy tales.

        Marriage Equality Now. Stop discrimination.

      • Laura says :

        Hi Bruce, my name is Laura, and I’m really sorry that Christians have hurt you so badly. Even though you don’t believe in Him, God is a good God, and I apologize for any Christian who has not represented that to you well.

        Our intent to stand up for marriage as one man and one woman is not a diss against the gay community or a form of not loving gay people. Disagree, rant, and rave all you want, but that is the truth. Period.

    • Ken says :

      “or will you discriminate against our beliefs” … beliefs don’t get respect or protection, they’re not people… they cannot be discriminated against. Your beliefs, like my beliefs, ought to be roundly criticized and be expected to stand on their own merits.

      The beliefs expressed here that gays can be discriminated against for the better of the country or for procreation is as false and unethical as were the same arguments for denying inter-racial marriage or propping up slavery.

      • Laura says :

        Why does law exist? To make sure everyone is treated fairly? Who determines what is fair? What if someone’s definition of equality or fairness is different than mine? Then I don’t get treated fairly because someone else disagrees with me.

        You feel like gays should not be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. You want them to be treated exactly the same as heterosexuals. End of story, correct?

        What about rich and poor people? If we are going for equality for everyone, then everyone should be taxed the same. No one should get any extra benefits, otherwise we are discriminating against the rich. End of story.

        Somewhere along the line, someone’s opinion–or belief, check the dictionary–has to determine what law is. You’re getting a little heady to say that “beliefs don’t get respect or protection.” Beliefs are what create protection and respect. You believe that gays should have equal rights to marriage. I don’t. We both want laws to go in our direction.

        Perhaps it would be better to go to anarchy and let everyone fend for themselves. Then everyone would truly be equal with no benefits or laws protecting each other that would not be fair to other people.

      • Ken says :

        “equality for everyone” – I think your confusing equal opportunity with equal outcomes. Treating people equally is to treat them equally before the law… to provide equal opportunity. Providing equal marriage for gays does not “break your leg or pick your pocket”… but it denying such does that metaphorically for gays.

        If you cannot clearly delineate the difference between equal outcomes and equal opportunity, I fear you miss the whole idea of what Thomas Jefferson was penning in the Declaration of Independence when he chose the word “pursue”… “… unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

      • bhonnigford says :

        Laura, I know your name is Laura because the comment says so. I have seen plenty of examples where Christians do things they don’t like because “God says to” instead of using good common sense. That you are sorry is of little consolation because there is no actual change in behavior. We know what you that you want to limit marriage to opposite sexes, but you must keep this within your own community of adherents and not try to impose it on others. You are under the delusion that equal marriage will somehow harm your ability to do this, but that is false and misplaced. Pastor Hammond has cherry picked articles from very biased sources to support this very wrong and hysterical viewpoint. This is harmful to us and those we love. We want you to stop it.

      • Laura says :

        What if someone’s “pursuit of happiness” brings them into millions of dollars? It has to be given to someone else they don’t know, but who needs it, so society can have an equal outcome? Hmmmm that sounds fair.

      • Laura says :

        @Bruce – I figured an apology might not mean much, but I felt it needed to be said. One day, we’ll all find out the truth about Christianity and the Bible and who is really “right” and “wrong.” And hey, if you’re right? Kudos. I wouldn’t change my life or my beliefs at all, because I have hope of an eternal future with a God who loves me. I’d rather live with hope of that kind of future and find out I’m wrong than live with no hope of a future and find out I’m wrong.

      • Ken says :

        “One day, we’ll all find out the truth about Christianity and the Bible and who is really “right” and “wrong.” And hey, if you’re right? Kudos.” – you’re making it sound like it’s a 50-50 chance for something you believe in because you were born here. If you thought your chances were 1 in 100, or 1 in a 1000, maybe you’d look differently at how you legislate others to be constrained.

        Even your proposition is biased. When you die you likely won’t find out anything… not that there is a god or no god.

      • kdub says :

        Yes, I’m aware that MN has some of the most liberal counties in the nation.

        Ken – Love who you want to love. Show that love in what ever manner you deem appropriate. I’ll never judge you, oppress you, or even think less of you.

        Whether you choose to acknowledge God or not, he’ll love you just the same and want only the best for you. But marriage is a covenant. A covenant instituted by God. A union between one man and one woman. He created it for a specific purpose…most importantly but not limited to the creation and sustaining of life.

        You’re contradicting my stats on your ability to predict the future? Then you and I aren’t so different after all.

        My greatest hope in life is that my future goes beyond the short time here on earth. That it has an eternal purpose and that my life here is preparing me for that purpose. I believe God is real. I believe God is the author and sustainer of life and love…and I also predict that one day, the entire world will know this to be true.

        Your greatest hope in life – is that I’m wrong.

        That at least, we can probably agree on.

      • Ken says :

        “A union between one man and one woman. He created it for a specific purpose…most importantly but not limited to the creation and sustaining of life.” – you understand natural law would not support that arrangement, and neither did Moses or Yahweh when they handed out multiple wives as war prizes. To the contrary, a couple supported through marriage is a human construct… not a construct of your god or of nature… and a human construct that ought to be equally available to all.

      • Ken says :

        “Yes, I’m aware that MN has some of the most liberal counties in the nation.” – this is not a county precinct… it is two precincts of excelling youth attending different, esteemed colleges… and rejecting your attempt to restrict marriage by more than 10 to 1. Think about it.

      • bhonnigford says :

        @ Laura, I have been on both sides of the fence and long ago realized that religion was an elaborate deception that a group of people tried to brainwash me with so that I may be obedient and useful to them as a resource to support their livelihood. One can be happy and moral with or without a belief in a deity and a dogma – but doing so without is far cheaper. I would rather make the most of the one life I have to live rather than sacrifice it for some mirage at the end of the road – besides if you are so worried about whats behind the curtain, how do you know you won’t be reincarnated? Millions are convinced of this as well. There are so many ways to be wrong, but we are only human. Any god that would fault you for being mistaken about an after life you cannot comprehend wouldn’t be worth spending eternity with.

      • Laura says :

        @Ken and @Bruce – Both of you seem to imply that because I believe in a heaven and an eternal future that I am not living my life in the present or making the most of life or loving people as best as I can. That’s quite the assumption and absolutely incorrect. You’re coming across as directly judgmental of someone you only know based on my proactive comments on a blog. It doesn’t make sense, and it’s rather rude.

        And whether or not you agree, all of this still comes down to what we believe. I’m standing up for what I believe is correct. You are standing up for what you believe is correct… and you are arguing that my beliefs are incorrect based on what you believe is right about homosexuals. No matter how much you think you’re right, it’s still your opinion. Even if the whole world backs one of us, it doesn’t make your opinion right or my opinion right. They are still opinions and beliefs.

        By the way… I wouldn’t mind a response to an earlier post. The phrase “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” got brought up in the comment about “equal opportunity” and “equal outcome.” What if someone’s “pursuit of happiness” brings them into millions of dollars? Shouldn’t they be allowed to fully enjoy what their “pursuit of happiness” brings and not have to be taxed extra so other people in society can have an equal outcome?

      • Ken says :

        “And whether or not you agree, all of this still comes down to what we believe. I’m standing up for what I believe is correct. You are standing up for what you believe is correct” – wrong… I am standing up for what is defensible to be ethically just and moral. You are standing up for what you believe. And yes, that is judging… as it should be… calling it rude is just trying to create a safe harbor for your beliefs.

      • Ken says :

        “I wouldn’t mind a response to an earlier post. The phrase “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” got brought up in the comment about “equal opportunity” and “equal outcome.” What if someone’s “pursuit of happiness” brings them into millions of dollars? Shouldn’t they be allowed to fully enjoy what their “pursuit of happiness” brings and not have to be taxed extra so other people in society can have an equal outcome?

        – no… again… not for equal outcome… but so others can have an equal opportunity. And no, they should not “fully” get their earnings as their earnings are partly made on the backs of others. A system of meritocracy cannot be maintained if wealth becomes concentrated so the children and friends of the wealthy get disproportionate power. But I fail to see what this has to do with gay marriage… it seems like your tossing out a red herring of the prosperity-gospel (i.e. religion becoming an apologist for obscene wealth disparity).

      • Laura says :

        @Ken – I respectfully disagree with what you are saying. You are standing up for your opinions and what you believe to be “ethically just and moral.” I am standing up for my opinions and what I believe to be “ethically just and moral.”

    • Laura says :

      @Ken – the reason I brought up money was because those who champion gay rights are often so focused on their cause that they bulldoze over other places where equality is sorely missed. That just happened to be the example I came up with, and I was curious for your response.

      • bhonnigford says :

        @laura There is a huge disparity in what you claim to be merely differing opinions. When same sexes gain their right to marry, Fundi-Christians will go about their lives as usual completely free to pray frequently, read the bible, obey their pastor and thank their deity for every lucky thing that happens to them.

        But when these same righteous individuals use their influence to deny rights to others, they lose big time – from not having visitation in hospitals to being denied inheritance and the social recognition as a committed couple that comes with a legal marriage (such as it is).

        But no, you folks have to invent some critical threat to your existence that has no basis in reality. Why? Because it’s a good way for clergy to whip up fear amongst their adherents so they don’t get distracted with everyday living like having sex or gong to an art museum or trimming your toenails
        Think for a second – who was it that got you all riled up about this stupid issue in the first place? You didn’t just wake up like this. Someone convinced you to spend your valuable time and energy on “stopping the gays”. Seriously? Hell, doing your dished would be a far more constructive thing to do about now. I’m tempted to say “get a life” but you already have one – you just need to live it.

      • Laura says :

        Bruce – what do you believe should be the standard or moral compass (if any) that a society should live by?

      • bhonnigford says :

        Morality is and always has been an organic process. What ever works for any given society is the moral status-quo. The bible was an attempt by those in power to codify the morality of the Jews and early Christians 2000 years ago, but it is a static document and only the most basic concepts apply to modern industrial society. It is therefore archaic and mostly obsolete. Civil law is far more relevant in our day to day lives. fact is, anti gay sentiment is increasingly viewed as immoral and you are on the wrong side of that argument. But, probably you will never reconsider your attitude and are destined to begrudge the inevitable changes that are going on around you.

  18. kdub says :

    So – I’ll ask again. Who said gay people where evil? Have you read the constitution….do you read the bible?

    • Ken says :

      “no stat anywhere – ever says your [sic] in the majority” – you are aware that nationally, 80% of 18 to 29 year-olds support equal gay marriage rights, no?

      You are aware that in the precincts surrounding Carlton and St. Olaf colleges in Minnesota, the votes against the marriage amendment ban were 95% and 90% respectively, no? You are aware of the tremendous rates of public opinion changes, no?

      The most recent Pew poll has support for gay marriage at 49% to 44%, with a 7 to 1 ratio of those changing their mind saying they are for equal marriage.

      So while you might cling to the “no stat anywhere” faith, you won’t be clinging to it for long… as 44% of rapidly changing demographic is a growing minority.

    • Ken says :

      “Who said gay people where evil” – the Catholic church says gay physical expressions of love are “disordered”. Many fundamentalist churches prevent gays (regardless of activity) from holding any leadership positions. Need they explicitly use the word “evil”? Because, then, what word would you use to decide on and perform such discrimination for someone who simply acknowledges they are gay?

  19. Ken says :

    “I’d rather live with hope of that kind of future and find out I’m wrong than live with no hope of a future and find out I’m wrong.” – are those the options? How about living with the likely truth and treasuring every day of your life and creating the most meaning? You might find that you treat your fellow citizens better if you thought this was their only life and that they ought to be afforded all the opportunity and justice possible in it. It makes discrimination more important when you lack a belief that some magical after-life is gonna fix all the injustice. If you believe that, you’re more likely to have a blind-spot for the harm you might do.

  20. bhonnigford says :

    Ok Folks, after all your false outrage, the big vote is tomorrow and it looks like you will be on the wrong side of the moral consensus. Gay folks will finally have a slice of life that self righteous folk like yourselves have selfishly tried to deny them all these years and our society will be far better because of it. Now that your pathetic persecution complex has run out of steam, what now? Keep on beating the dead horse or are you going to switch to some other vulnerable social group to fend off your gnawing self hatred? Who is there left that you feel superior to that you can still brutally attack with impunity and feel that sweet smugness that you are so addicted to? Hmmm? The list gets smaller every generation.

  21. Shirley Tuttle says :

    I emailed MN US House and MN US Senate to vote no on same sex marriage.

    • Shirley Tuttle says :

      Nick replied back, he said he voted NO on same sex marriage. Thank you Nick. Hearing the house passed it, well my gut is tied up. What is going on in this country; it seems like all things are going in the wrong direction. We all need to pray for the Senate. We can’t accept this kind of change. I know in fact they can’t produce there own offspring! That should give them a clue. But Darkness brings no light.

  22. Shirley Tuttle says :

    In United State’s it is 7.2 percent of gays. There is a reason for that because it is not correct. The politics made a deal out of this! Why? we have bigger problems to face up to. They are hired by our vote and this is the best they can do!

    • bhonnigford says :

      Use what ever percentage you want. Sexuality is more complicated that you like to think. If this wasn’t so big a problem then why was there an attempt to add stronger language to the law even when it was already not allowed? I think Fundies DO think this is a big problem. Also remember that your vote isn’t the only one that matters. Many of the legislators cited their own conscience over the voters in deciding this issue.

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