How Do You Know When You Are in Faith?

A lot of people think they are in faith when they pray, but nothing happens. Since we know the sending end has already been taken care of, let’s look at some potential problems on the receiving end.

First of all, if fear is present, you may not get your healing. The presence of fear or anxiety tells you your faith hasn’t matured yet because the force of fear is the antithesis of the force of faith. You cannot have fear operating in the same heart where there is faith. We may say, “I have a lot of faith, but I am a little afraid.” Where fear has taken root, there is not enough faith to produce the provision God intends.

We can deal with the matter of fear by hearing more Word. If you are afraid, immerse yourself in the Word. Find friends who will speak the Word like you believe. Put the Word in your mouth. Read more Word. Listen to some CDs. Get in church an extra time a week.

That may sound extreme to you, but realize it took you plenty of years to get a belief system that was wrong. It’s going to take effort to get a belief system that is right.

The enemy is a proficient enemy. He is proficient at finding those little points where you might fear, which are usually different than what somebody else fears. Whatever your point is that produces anxiety or fear, when you sense it, shut the door on it. Get in the Word. Get in church. Get with those friends you have who are going to reinforce that truth, because fear is the first red flag in your life that you’re not where you want to be in your faith.

Don’t Wait to See Until You Believe

The second consideration I want to remind you of is in John 20:29.

 Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. (KJV)

Blessed means empowered. He who believes and has not seen is empowered. If the only way you’re really going to believe God heals is when you see it, then you’re not where you need to be in faith. If the only way you can feel the joy of God’s provision in your life is when you see it, you are not in faith. Faith wouldn’t even be required if that was the case. Faith by definition believes when you can’t see anything. It doesn’t matter why you haven’t seen the result you want, even if you’ve been believing for a year or many years. Is there a time limit when you’re going to quit believing? If you don’t see your bank balance get better within 12 months, are you going to stop tithing? Where does that place come where you’re not going to believe anymore because you haven’t seen it? Well, let me tell you what, you don’t have enough faith right now for God to intervene in your life if there’s a time limit attached. Faith is so convinced of the truth of God’s Word that it believes regardless of whether or not it’s seen.

Are you where you need to be in your faith? Fear is the first red flag. Seeing in order to believe is the second red flag. The third for me would be to say, “It’s not the Lord’s timing yet.” I’ve said that before. Maybe it hasn’t happened yet because the Lord is going to demonstrate some things to people who need to see and know about it. I’ve even had the thought, Lord, I’ve made some mistakes. Is this the consequence of those mistakes that I have to see my way through for a season? No. The will of the Lord is now. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are. A season of time often passes because of where we are at that point in our lives, but it doesn’t have to. God wants you well now.

There are other considerations about whether or not you’re in faith that I’m sure you can think of. For now, I’ll close by reminding you of what we’ve learned throughout these articles from the leper in Matthew chapter 8. First of all, worship needs to be part of your life. This is where you gain your connection with God. Secondly, genuine worship is impossible without humility. We must get over what other people might think in any regard. Lastly, you have to be ultimately, totally, completely, and absolutely settled on the will of God. It is God’s will that you be healed.

These are the considerations the leper had in place before Jesus healed him. As you have these considerations in place in your life, God will say to you as well, “I will heal you. Be thou clean.”

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About Mac Hammond

Mac Hammond is senior pastor of Living Word Christian Center, a nondenominational church located in Brooklyn Park (a suburb of Minneapolis), Minnesota. Pastor Hammond also hosts the Winner's Minute and the Winner's Way television broadcasts and has authored several internationally distributed books . Mac Hammond is broadly acclaimed for his ability to apply the principles of the Bible to practical situations and the challenges of daily living. Mac Hammond graduated from Virginia Military Institute in 1965 with a Bachelor's degree in English. Upon graduation, he entered the Air Force with a regular officer's commission and reported for pilot training at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia. Mac received his wings in November 1966, and subsequently served two tours of duty in Southeast Asia, accumulating 198 combat missions. He was honorably discharged in 1970 with the rank of Captain. Between 1970 and 1980, Mac was involved in varying capacities in the general aviation industry including ownership of a successful air cargo business serving the Midwestern United States. A business acquisition brought Mac and his wife Lynne Hammond to Minneapolis where they ultimately founded Living Word Christian Center in 1980.

3 responses to “How Do You Know When You Are in Faith?”

  1. Shirley Tuttle says :

    This is so deep in the word! Awesome message. Our minds get in the way of the heart. I can relate to this, I would think we all get stuck from time to time. The word trust came to me, we need to realize God is almighty to all and anything in this universe. To have faith in God we must accept that he is in control of our lives in any situation whether good or bad. Being a child of God can put Gods blessings on hold by those things you mentioned. Gods blessings are when a person can get to the moment of blind faith and substance it. Jesus totally trusted our Father in Heaven! I do what my father tells me to do!
    I myself see blessings that will arrive soon, but do not know all the variables to the blessings so I freeze up and lower my tithe, I should not do that. I rationalize I will catch up with it after. I know the Lord is speaking to me through this message. Thank you Pastor Mac may the Lord continue to bless the church!

  2. Johane banda says :

    your teachings on prayer are excellent teach me more

  3. Johane banda says :

    i need more teachings to teach others

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