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America Must Support Israel

Earlier this week, over 5,000 Christians invaded Washington DC for the ninth annual Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Washington Summit. This summit hosted by CUFI is an opportunity for Christians to let our government know that we support Israel, and we urge them to do the same. Read More…

America Needs to Back Israel

America Needs to Back Israel

Our nation is facing more of a crisis at the moment than many people realize because of the approach America seems to be taking toward Israel. As our government pursues some type of accord with Iran, they are putting pressure on Israel. This pressure is dangerous not only for Israel, but for us as well. Whether that pressure includes the land-for-peace mentality or stopping settlements,  no nation and no person have the right to limit what God gave Israel or the Israelites’ right to occupy their land—yet that is what is in process right now. Read More…

CUFI Summit: Israel Is America’s Ally

As thousands of Christians from all over the nation gathered together for the Christians United For Israel Washington Summit, their rally cry was to continue strengthening and upholding the allegiance between America and Israel.

As Pastor John Hagee pointed out early on in the summit, “I have studied enough history to equal about three degrees and I can sum it up in one sentence: those who have blessed Israel have survived. Those who cursed Israel were destroyed.”

Much happened during the summit including breakout sessions, pastor gatherings, and the national A Night to Honor Israel. Attendees were provided with a timely perspective as to all that is going on over in the Middle East. As Mike Huckabee stated, “Imagine if Toronto, Canada, started sending rockets into Buffalo, New York. Would we decide that yes, of course, the solution is to give the Canadians New York so that we can have peace? Think about it.”

David Brog pointed out that Israel is America’s first line of defense. “How many of our allies are on the front lines fighting our enemies for us? That’s what Israel is doing. They are on the front lines facing our enemies in our place.”

On Wednesday, all summit attendees visited Capitol Hill to encourage their government representatives to support Israel in their decisions. Pastor Charlie Houle, CUFI City Director for Brooklyn Park, stated this about our visit to Capitol Hill: “We’ve watched our presence and the presence of CUFI cause the overall membership in Congress to become more and more pro-Israel. There still is much work to do in some of these districts, but we are definitely having an influence. The group we bring from Minnesota is typically the largest group of constituents that they see each year. It is an ongoing reminder to our elected officials that Minnesotans back Israel and that we are looking to them to do the same.”

What a powerful way to let our government officials know the desires of millions of their constituents.

I am grateful for the 88 people who attended the conference from Minnesota, 60 of whom were from Living Word. In total, region 8 (MN, WI, IA, and IL) had 170 people registered. I hope they were truly blessed by this opportunity to visit our nation’s capital and show our government that we support Israel.

It is truly an honor to stand for Israel and the Jewish people through Christians United For Israel (CUFI). If you haven’t heard of CUFI or want to find out more about the summit, CUFI’s mission, or other events they host, please visit

Christians United for Israel Washington Summit 2013


This week, Washington DC is filled with thousands of Christians from around the nation. They have gathered for the annual Christians United for Israel Washington Summit 2013. The purpose of this nonpartisan summit is for our CUFI delegates to represent to our government the million plus members of CUFI who want America to support Israel in its policies and national decisions.

Last night, Daughters For Zion, a subsection of CUFI, held a special teaching and prayer session with Pastor Cheryl Morrison, Rev. Billye Brim, and my wife, Pastor Lynne Hammond. Today, summit attendees can attend a variety of breakout sessions where they can learn more about supporting and honoring Israel and the Jewish people.

The highlight for Tuesday, July 23 will be the national A Night to Honor Israel event held at 7 p.m. with Pastor John Hagee, Ambassador Ron Prosor, and Glenn Beck.

Wednesday, July 24 is the day set aside for registered attendees to meet with their elected officials and tell them why supporting Israel is so crucial for our country.

Please keep the summit in your prayers over these next few days. Together, we can look forward to hearing what God will do through this trip.

Christians United For Israel Washington Summit


Discounted Travel Package to Washington Summit for Minnesota Residents

For the past seven years, thousands of Christians have come together annually for the Christians United for Israel Washington DC Summit. This trip has always come at a crucial time for Israel, and this year is clearly no different.  America, Israel, and the world are facing a great danger in the Middle East. We need to stand up and let our voices be heard.

This July, we are heading back to Washington for our eighth year. Please prayerfully consider joining us. Once again, we’ve put together a special package with free bus transportation along with discounted trip registration and hotel rates for MN residents. This opportunity will be available on a first-come basis until June 23. The more people who attend, the more impact we can make on our nation. This Washington DC Summit is your chance to demonstrate that Christians and Jews stand united despite all opposition we face.

During this trip, we will bring together some of the most influential leaders and thinkers to update you on recent developments in Israel, the Middle East, and Washington DC. We will hold a national Night to Honor Israel, and you’ll have a chance to meet with Congress and share your support for Israel directly with your elected officials.
A few other details are:

CUFI has a Kids Camp for ages 5–12 during this time.
The discounted package includes conference registration, four nights at the Doubletree hotel in Washington DC, and roundtrip bus transportation from Brooklyn Park, MN, to Washington DC.

The roundtrip bus transportation will depart to Washington on Saturday, July 20 and return to Minneapolis on Friday, July 26.
To register, you can visit We would love to have you join us as we make a difference in our nation.

Mac Hammond Recounts ‘Surreal’ Israel Experience During Hamas Skirmish


When my wife, Lynne, and I decided to take 28 pastors on their first tour of Israel, we did so believing that the experience would not only deepen their understanding of their spiritual heritage, but also strengthen their commitment to Israel’s welfare as a nation.

We did not realize, however, the degree to which our love and support of the Jewish people would escalate by a shared experience of the violence they face on a regular basis.

Click here to read more of “Mac Hammond Recounts ‘Surreal’ Israel Experience During Hamas Skirmish” on Charisma News.

Pastor Mac and Lynne Hammond’s Recent Trip to Israel

On November 12-19, 2012, Pastors Mac and Lynne Hammond and Dr. Billye Brim led a tour of around 30 pastors who have never been to Israel to tour the land where Jesus walked.

The timing proved to be interesting as Billye explains in her blog on November 12:

…Things have “heated up” in the South and in the North. Over a hundred missiles launched from Gaza on purpose. And two evidently errant missiles from the Syrian Civil War have landed on the Golan….

Despite the news, the trip continued as planned. Each of those attending knew the safest place to be was where God wanted them to be. Read More…