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Happy Father’s Day

Several years ago, I had a bad experience with a dry cleaner. They messed up my shirts three separate times and left spots from cleaning fluid all over them. I was angry about it, so I huffed back into that dry cleaners with that third handful of messed shirts. I let that girl behind the counter know what I thought in no uncertain terms.

When I’d had my say, she politely said, “Yes, Sir. We’ll take care of this. By the way, Pastor Hammond, I enjoyed your sermon last Sunday.”

I wanted to crawl into a dark corner. It was awful. It was as though God rapped me on the head and said, “You have to watch that, Bud.”

That story provides a great reminder this Father’s Day that parents who want to train their children in the Word have to model the values they want their kids to live. Read More…

Protect Your Children’s Right to Choose

What would you do if one of your kids walked up to you and asked for his or her inheritance? The father of the prodigal son was faced with this decision. He probably responded differently than many of us would. He protected his son’s right to choose—and it had a happy ending as a result. Take a look: Read More…