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Why You Must Vote

Evolution is not a scientifically proven theory. In fact, it both defies the definition of the scientific process and has nothing to support it in the fossil record. Yet it is being taught to our school children and flaunted as truth by knowledgeable intellectuals across America. Read More…

When Science Backs Creation

I want to share with you a story I shared a while ago that blesses me. It’s actually a story Dr. Billye Brim had told years ago while ministering at Living Word. Let it get you excited about what I’ll be talking about this upcoming weekend during my Eternity teaching series: evolution.

Back in the seventies, there was a university professor who taught at a well-known California university and was an atheist, evolutionist, and well-respected scientist in his field. One day, a Christian student challenged him to use the computer capacity at the university to do a projection of world population based on evolutionary theory and compare it to a projection of world population based on creationism.

The professor undertook the challenge. He went ahead and plugged in all of the data available through our historical records of catastrophic events that would have affected world population. He first came up with a projection of world population on the basis of evolutionary theory; the figure he came up with was astronomically large. Read More…