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When Frogs and Families Collide

Time can be a difficult commodity to come by particularly in the kind of society we live in. Our houses are busier than ever, and if we’re not careful, busyness and distractions can allow our homes to become more like a bus stop or hotel rather than a comforting, nurturing environment God intended them to be. It takes effort to make a house into a home.

One important key to investing in your family is time. It is vital that you carve out time to have fun together as a family and, even more importantly, to have fun with your spouse. It becomes complicated to find time for this when you get up early, work long or extra hours to get as much done as possible from sunup to sundown. The schedule is complicated even more when both a husband and wife are working because even if they are working the same schedules—which often isn’t the case—they wave goodbye to each other as they rush out the door to work in the morning. They come back in the evening, both thoroughly spent. After all that, it’s difficult to relate to each other in a positive way in that condition.

Now, you will have seasons where the pace of life is faster than others. Usually this is when you have young children at home. Walk through this scenario with me for a moment. Whether it’s the husband or wife, the primary wage earner gets up early in the morning, heads off to work, and waves goodbye on the way out. The other spouse may drive kids to school or daycare and then head to a job or various errands. Both come back late that evening, exhausted, only to be greeted by the other spouse who ran out of energy around noon.

Then we have the time from five to eight in the evening that often looks like it came out of a B-grade horror movie somewhere. I’m talking bottles, diapers, baths, dinners, spills, messes, getting the kids in the tub, getting them out, getting on their pajamas, and putting them to bed. Then finally after the tenth glass of water has been delivered and all the toys are picked up, the husband and wife stagger toward the bedroom to get to bed. Deep conversation isn’t on their minds, and the likelihood that both spouses are interested in anything romantic is usually slim. Keeping connected through an uncontrolled pace of life is a major challenge—but not impossible. Read More…

Simplify Your Life: Family Comes First

The first two steps for money management—and ultimately, simplifying your life—are simple: generate an income by working hard at the job God has called you to and tithe ten percent of the income you make in that job as an acknowledgement of God’s authority in your life.

What do you do then with the other 90% of your income? Well, in learning to manage your expenses, we’re going to talk about the three basic concerns of expense allocation: family need, debt elimination, and seed. Read More…