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What Love Is

Love suffers long, having patience with imperfect people.

Love is kind, active in doing good.

Love does not envy. Since it is non-possessive and noncompetitive, it actually wants others to get ahead; hence, it does not parade itself.

Love has a self-effacing quality; it is not ostentatious.

Love is not puffed up treating others arrogantly. It does not behave rudely, but displays good manners and courtesy.

Love does not seek its own, insisting on its own rights and demanding precedence; rather, it is unselfish. Love is not provoked. It is not irritable or touchy, rough or hostile, but graceful under pressure.

Love thinks no evil. It does not keep an account of wrongs done to it; instead, it erases resentments.

Love does not rejoice in iniquity, finding satisfaction in the shortcomings of others, or spreading an evil report; rather, it rejoices in the truth, aggressively advertising the good.

Love bears all things, defending and holding other people up.

Love believes the best about others, credits them with good intentions, and is not suspicious.

Love hopes all things, never giving up on people, but affirming their future.

Love endures all things, persevering and remaining loyal to the end.

-1 Corinthians 13:4-6, Spirit-Filled Life Bible

How a Dog Taught Me About Unconditional Love

Years ago, my wife and I both wanted a dog. I wanted a big, masculine, hunting dog; she wanted one of those sissy little dogs. At that time, we had been negotiating on twenty acres of property west of the cities that would give my big dog plenty of room to run—a personal prerequisite for getting one. We eventually reached an agreement. I would get Lynne a little dog if she would have a good attitude about my big dog. She agreed and I went on to buy her Muffin, a little Yorkshire Terrier. Before I could buy my big dog, though, the deal on the property fell through. I wound up without my big dog or our new property; plus, I was stuck with a little dog I didn’t want. That dog, Muffin, had two strikes against her when she came.

Muffin was the most affectionate thing you ever saw, but she had a challenge on her hands because I had a bad attitude about how the dog situation turned out. Read More…