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The Times to Come: Blood Moons


Jesus is coming back soon. Biblical prophecies point to this truth—but does that really mean it will happen in our lifetime? How soon is “soon”?

Knowing we are right in the middle of the predicted season within which Jesus will return doesn’t seem to be enough for most Christians to stay stirred about the day in which they live. It’s too easy to do things that everybody else in the world does, going about your business, living mostly in the world. We need a more prominent sense of the Lord’s return—not that it could happen “soon,” but that it could literally happen any day. Read More…

The Times to Come: Signs of the Times

Mac Hammond

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Franklin knew that planning and preparation are key principles that will help you win in this life. What exactly, though, are we to plan for? Well, there are a number of times to come in the future that we should be aware of and prepare for. The first one I want to focus on is “moeds.”

Moeds are appointed times on God’s calendar that will affect us. Whether or not moeds have an ill effect or a positive effect on us depends on our plans and what we know about these appointed times to come. Read More…