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What to Do While You Wait

Let integrity and uprightness preserve me for I wait on thee. –Psalm 25:21

If you are going to wait gracefully before the Lord and do it in accordance with the Word, you have to maintain your integrity and uprightness.

Integrity can be defined as “firm adherence to a moral standard.” Our moral standard as Christians is the Word of God. If we’re going to wait on the Lord, it needs to be while we live in line with the Word of God and firmly adhere to the Word of God. Read More…

What Part Do You Play on Your Team?

Who is the most important player on a team—the superstar who made the three-point shot or the guard who set up the screen that made the shot possible? That’s a great question that must be answered well if you want to succeed in your family, on the job, or anywhere you work with other people.

How to Deal With Disappointment


Disappointment is one of the most dangerous forces in this world today. How can you deal with it correctly? Here’s a sixty-second tip from Pastor Mac Hammond.