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What Do You Worry About?

Down through the years, I have seen many Christians who feel they need to “help God” accomplish His plan and purpose in their lives. They think if they’re not doing all the right things then God’s plan for their lives might be delayed and possibly thwarted!

For example, a believer knows he is called into the five-fold ministry. But when it doesn’t come to pass as quickly as he thinks it should, he thinks it’s delayed because he hasn’t prayed enough… he hasn’t studied the Word enough…he hasn’t confessed enough scriptures. He begins to pray more, study more, confess more and, eventually, he enters into a sort of “works program” in which he unconsciously tries to “earn” his calling.

I have to confess, that used to be my tendency. I subconsciously thought I had to “earn” whatever I got from God. I had to earn it through more prayer, more study of the Word. Earn it through harder work, longer hours…earn it, earn it, earn it. Read More…