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Dream Big: God Can Handle it

God has placed the desire to fly in the heart of every young eagle. The eagle yearns to get up to the rarefied stratosphere of the heavens, close to the sun, and close to Him who is, indeed, king over the earth. He is wired to reign in the majesty that he was created to beautifully exemplify. That desire is buried in the hearts of all young eaglets—but if they did what they wanted to do, there is a chance those eaglets would never leave the comfort of their nests.

With many Christians, it’s the same thing. Just as God has placed a desire in the eagle to fly, He’s placed within each one of our hearts a vision and desire to reach toward the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. We’re wired to reach for what He’s called us to do, whatever that dream may be. For many of us, however, mediocrity has become the keynote for our lives because we don’t want to leave the comfort of the nest.

What is your dream? a business idea? a witty invention? a call to the ministry? Too many Christians hang onto the comfort of their nests and miss that high calling of God. They need to take a step of faith, leave the nest, and follow the dream God has placed in their hearts. Read More…