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It Came to Pass: The Key to Bring It to Pass


What is the key that will ensure that your relationships are healthy? How can you be sure that all your relationships are available for God to use? The answer is love. Part of the Lord’s greatest commandment is that we love our neighbor as ourselves.

“How do I do that?” you may ask. Well, the word love that is used here does not mean affection. This kind of love—the God-kind of love—is a love that gives. The Bible says that God so loved (agape) the world that He gave. As we learn to love other people with the God-kind of love—a love that gives—then we secure our relationships and make them available to God. Read More…

It Came to Pass: The Redemption Plan Unfolds


Six months after Elisabeth had conceived, another dimension of God’s redemptive plan was triggered. Elisabeth’s cousin, Mary, was visited by the angel Gabriel who gave her a message from God that she would conceive and give birth to a son after the power of the Holy Spirit came upon her. Mary conceived of the seed of God’s Word and her pregnancy of the Savior began.

Then Gabriel informed Mary that her cousin, Elisabeth, had conceived a son in her old age and was in her sixth month of pregnancy. After hearing the news from the angel, Mary went to visit Elisabeth. We can pick up the story in Luke 1:41–45. Read More…

It Came to Pass: Your Words Matter


We’re in the middle of talking about a few of the lessons we can learn from the Christmas story and specifically Zacharias’ part in it. We’ll pick up with his story in Luke 1:13. Read More…

It Came to Pass: Making the Most Out of Your Season of Preparation


One of the most powerful accounts of Scripture is the revealing of the redemptive plan of God for mankind. This biblical account is what’s known today as the Christmas story.

If you read carefully through the story, you’ll notice a particular phrase stated time and again: “…it came to pass.”

The repeated use of that phrase is a reminder from the Lord that no matter how oppressive your circumstance is, no matter how many mistakes you make, no matter what goes wrong in your life, the promise of God will still come to pass. Read More…

America Needs to Back Israel

America Needs to Back Israel

Our nation is facing more of a crisis at the moment than many people realize because of the approach America seems to be taking toward Israel. As our government pursues some type of accord with Iran, they are putting pressure on Israel. This pressure is dangerous not only for Israel, but for us as well. Whether that pressure includes the land-for-peace mentality or stopping settlements,  no nation and no person have the right to limit what God gave Israel or the Israelites’ right to occupy their land—yet that is what is in process right now. Read More…

The Times to Come: Blood Moons


Jesus is coming back soon. Biblical prophecies point to this truth—but does that really mean it will happen in our lifetime? How soon is “soon”?

Knowing we are right in the middle of the predicted season within which Jesus will return doesn’t seem to be enough for most Christians to stay stirred about the day in which they live. It’s too easy to do things that everybody else in the world does, going about your business, living mostly in the world. We need a more prominent sense of the Lord’s return—not that it could happen “soon,” but that it could literally happen any day. Read More…

The Times to Come: Signs of the Times

Mac Hammond

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Franklin knew that planning and preparation are key principles that will help you win in this life. What exactly, though, are we to plan for? Well, there are a number of times to come in the future that we should be aware of and prepare for. The first one I want to focus on is “moeds.”

Moeds are appointed times on God’s calendar that will affect us. Whether or not moeds have an ill effect or a positive effect on us depends on our plans and what we know about these appointed times to come. Read More…

A Summer of Healing

This summer, I’ve been ministering a new series at my church entitled, A Summer of Healing. We’ve been walking through the 19 healings Jesus performed that were written about in the four gospels. Our purpose is to learn the principles that govern the process of healing—and receiving anything in faith from God—and apply them in our own lives.

We’ve been through five accounts up until this point. Some stories show us multiple principles about receiving from God, so each week we have focused in on just a few of the main points we can learn. Read More…

Christians United for Israel Washington Summit 2013


This week, Washington DC is filled with thousands of Christians from around the nation. They have gathered for the annual Christians United for Israel Washington Summit 2013. The purpose of this nonpartisan summit is for our CUFI delegates to represent to our government the million plus members of CUFI who want America to support Israel in its policies and national decisions.

Last night, Daughters For Zion, a subsection of CUFI, held a special teaching and prayer session with Pastor Cheryl Morrison, Rev. Billye Brim, and my wife, Pastor Lynne Hammond. Today, summit attendees can attend a variety of breakout sessions where they can learn more about supporting and honoring Israel and the Jewish people.

The highlight for Tuesday, July 23 will be the national A Night to Honor Israel event held at 7 p.m. with Pastor John Hagee, Ambassador Ron Prosor, and Glenn Beck.

Wednesday, July 24 is the day set aside for registered attendees to meet with their elected officials and tell them why supporting Israel is so crucial for our country.

Please keep the summit in your prayers over these next few days. Together, we can look forward to hearing what God will do through this trip.

Discover the Truth; Don’t Accuse – Winner’s Minute With Mac Hammond

Winning communicators don’t accuse others of something that might not be true. They find out the truth instead.